Even the best tool becomes useless if we do not use it correctly!
"Building Management Systems" are essential to enhance the energy efficiency of equipment, and lighting is one of the major areas where it is possible to improve efficiency.
With control systems you can recover your investments easily by adopt management policies that allow you to rationalize energy consumption. GESLUCE will help you to implement that policies and improve your installation efficiency.

Indoor Light Control Sistems

Whatever the building, we can help you. Control systems can contribute to the energy sustainability of a building, giving you tools to save energy without losing performance or comfort.
The control systems are based on an automation philosophy to put the minimum of responsibility on the users. Of course, these systems take into account the "Human Demand" concept, respecting the physical and emotional needs of occupants of the buildings through an overlap with automatic commands.
Whether it's an new building or an existing building, we can help you outline strategies and methodologies to minimize the light energy impact of building by using the best existing technologies.
We have several indoor lighting control systems, each with specific characteristics according to your needs.

Easy to implement and control

The Wireless Control System ensures fast and easy deployment the network. We can implement it without wasting time in the cables installing assuring you an exceptional service.
This system is the obvious choice for building rehabilitation where there are restrictions on wiring.


  • - Easy of instalation
  • - Autonomous and decentralized system
  • - Wireless comunications
  • - Compatible with diferent light protocols (DALI, 0-10, PWM)

Intelligent and reliable and safe

The wireless emergency system acts as a security supervisor for your building, making sure that all assets are working and in perfect conditions. Through intuitive tools the system is easy to use and it's able to manager the security system of the entire building by consulting the status of each luminaire individually.
Safety is a key factor in buildings, make sure you install the system that gives you more guarantees and it's ease of use.


  • - Quick and easy of installation and system upgrade
  • - No need for cables
  • - Reducing system failures
  • - Reduce costs with equipment, installation and labor
  • - Can be programming by remote control

Proven Reliability and Efficiency

If you are looking for a robust system, the DALI control system represents a good bet. Very versatile, it can be adapted to all types of buildingsand is a system dedicated exclusively to lighting control.
Dynamic management and total versatility in the configuration of the spaces are the arguments of this system, which guarantees you the lighting you need and want at any time.


  • - Allows remote monitoring and maintenance via the internet
  • - Compatible with Light and Motion Sensors
  • - Can be programmed according to a calendar or configured manually

Universal and Robust, a complete and efficient system

KNX-based control systems are our most comprehensive solution to improve building efficiency. They offer the possibility of controlling the lighting but this is only one of its possibilities and can be integrated with other systems like HVAC, Shading, Climatization and many other home automation systems.


  • - Can be used in all types of buildings
  • - Supports various types of communication
  • - Can be integrated into other systems
  • - Meets international standards

Much more than lighting, an infrastructure for the technologies of the future

Recognizing the importance of efficient management, we have developed a technology that allows you to manage and control public lighting, giving you access to an intuitive platform that guarantees quality and reliable service.

How it works?

GesLuce is based on a logic of creating intelligent networks that gives you the possibility of create a infrastructure to transport information, so you can introduce new services in the city without additional costs.

At your size!

Modular and scalable, the system has the ability to meet your needs today, as well as being expanded to the pace that you want without losing anything with it.

Smart Cities and Public Lighting

The GesLuce System for public lighting is based on a mesh architecture, where each luminaire acts as a node of the network, these nodes communicate with each other.
Connected with these nodes are gateways that aggregate the information and route it to the Internet.
A network of luminaires present in a city thus becomes an intelligent network that has the capacity to carry the information obtained by sensors, objects, vehicles and buildings to the Internet in addition to lighting management and control functions.

Smart Cities and Public Lighting

With the GesLuce System, a lighting pole gains new functionality, becoming a sensing platform of the place where it is installed, besides being able to add several services in its physical structure, such as advertising, traffic signals among others, and this information to be updated or collected simply and quickly through the smart network, without any additional costs.
A light pole is an ideal sensing platform, since it is an electrified structure, has a very high spatial distribution by the cities and is a robust structure prepared to withstand the external elements.

Smart Cities and Public Lighting

Smart cities are emerging in response to a increase need in the efficiency of services in the city, facing an increasingly urbanized world.
As cities upgrade their public lighting infrastructures to equip themselves with more efficient technologies, creating intelligent networks among luminaires is the most natural way since these infrastructures last longer, they spend less energy and are virtually maintenance free from the point of view of Hardware. In addition, they also increase public safety.

Smart Cities and Public Lighting

These networks establish foundations for emerging services in the cities of the future, thus ensuring that infrastructure is maximized to the point that today's investments will have effective results in the future. With the synergies between public lighting and these additional services, the city guarantees a quick and easy walk to smart cities and manages to improve the quality of life of the community.

Case Studies

Renewal of hypermarket light infrastructure (2008)


  • - Reduce lighting energy consumption (reduction achieved> 50% through the implementation of flow regulation systems);
  • - Reduce the thermal load of the space;
  • - Use low-cost light sources (T5 multi-power lamps);
  • - Easy assembly and maintenance;


  • - Light levels > 1000lux;
  • - Unifor light;
  • - Make the most of the right foot of 4,15mts (reduction of 4 lines)


  • - implementation of control system (daylight management),
  • - reducing maintenance costs by reducing the number of lamps,
  • - reduction of thermal load
previous solution lightenjin solution
Instaled power 56,5 kW 55,25 kW
nº of lamps used 930 730
assembly time High Low
thermal load 48,1 kW 44,25kW
Aquisition cost 25.000€ 50.000€
saving with light diming - 54%
month savings - 1500€ / month
solution payback - 1,5 years
Anual energy reduction - 201201 kWh
Anual CO2 emitions - 88,5 ton

Urban Regeneration in the City of Águeda (2012)


In the framework of the urban regeneration project in Águeda, sodium vapor lamps were replaced by LED luminaires in the city center. The implementation consisted on the installation of 90 and 60W LED luminaires with control systems replacing 70 to 150W sodium vapor luminaires.
The control system allows the regulation of the light intensity throughout the night, also having functions of management and monitoring of the illumination. The project represents a reference in the field of public lighting with LED technology and control systems in Portugal.

consumption VSAP consumption LED comsumption diferences(kWh)
model kWh model kWh
Sodium vapor 70W 14.083 LED 60W 6.461 7.622
Sodium vapor 150W 19.929 LED 90W 6.234 13.695
Total comsumption 34.012 Total comsumption 12.695 21.317

Anual energy savings 21.317 kWh 63%
Anual CO2 Savings 1.091 kg CO2/kWh
Global energy savings (15 anos) 319.751 kWh 63%
Global CO2 savings (15 anos) 16.371 kg CO2/kWh

Lightenjin company

Founded in 2006 Lightenjin concentrated its activity in the field of consulting in Light Design, executing lighting projects for indoor and outdoor.
Its proximity to the most prestigious architecture and deign offices enabled it to carry out lighting projects in iconic spaces and of great prestige.
With the evolution of control technologies Lightenjin has extended its area of operation to control systems projects to remain at the forefront of lighting technology, using electronic equipment and software to increase energy efficiency.
Recently, a line of own develop products was started, which, besides design, is based on robustness and energy efficiency and adds all the experience acquired over the years.